red pen


So you've finally finished that book you've been working on, that academic essay, that web article, or even your company's report. You want a crisp, polished, well-written document that says exactly what you mean and does so with the eloquence of the best orators. I want that for your too.  Here's why you need me to bring out your best.

  • Let's face it; writing is about rewriting, rewording and writing again. By the time you're done with your text you know it inside out. You no longer see that the word "the' is missing or you used "I" too many times in the same paragraph. You need a fresh pair of eyes to spot those grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors that you are sure to miss. That's what I do.

  • Other times, you need a little help in getting your thoughts together…so many things to say, but how to say it? Which words are most appropriate to use? How to  arrange it all so that your intended audience gets it? I know just what to do.

  • English is not your first language, but you try. You have to. If only you could write it as eloquently in English as you can in your native language. No problem. I know it pretty well; in fact, I'm fluent.

  • You are a translator. Translating ideas from another language to English is not always easy. It sounds pretty good in Arabic/Spanish but how should it be written in English without losing meaning ? I know the answer to that.

What I edit

  • books (non-fiction)
  • articles 
  • manuscripts (non-fiction)
  • business communication (reports, letters, press releases, white papers)
  • websites
  • blogs
  • academic essays/journals

I provide editing services on three levels


  • check for and fix errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage
  • ensure consistency in style and format
  • ensure accuracy in all documentation (tables, graphs, footnotes, bibliography, etc)

Substantive/Structural editing:

  • reorganize portions of the text to ensure smooth, logical flow, making the document easy to read and understand
  • identify portions of text that may need to be cut or added, making your message clear and concise
  • suggest addition or deletion of graphics or other elements that will enhance your presentation 


  • organize rough notes and drafts into a cohesive, clear, polished document
  • repurpose document for a different medium (you may want to turn an essay into a web page) or a different audience 

So whether you're an author, blogger, student or small business owner your reputation and credibility can be defined by your written communication. Any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation or otherwise seriously undermines your credibility and your message.

I edit on paper, on-screen, within Joomla or WordPress. Whatever your preference, let me help you produce clear, polished communication that speaks to your professionalism and integrity. 

Book Layout 

You've worked so hard on your book, now you need the best layout to showcase your writing, one that will enhance the reading experience for your audience and get your message across. Laying out a book involves determining the best margins and laying out your text and illustrative material on the page, ready for printing. When I lay out your material, I do the following:

  • place text and illustrative material (illustrations, tables, etc.) in the most appropriate combination
  • apply a predictable and uniform layout
  • implement an elegant, yet clear and readable design

I use inDesign to lay out your book, giving it the audience appeal you're looking for. The print-ready PDF is then sent to you for review.