Recasting the Veil as Feminist Discourse

No university experience is complete without academic essays.  As an English Language and Literature major, I wrote my fair share of academic essays.  These essays show my versatility in analysing and writing about different genres.  This particular piece was written at a time (and the same is still true today) when the Muslim woman's dress code was (and still is) a source of anxiety for many non- Muslims around the Western world. At the same time, Western women  were (and still are) struggling with false notions of ideal body image and beauty. In this essay, I argue that veiling the female body leaves no room for societal interpretation or mediation, eradicating the anxiety that women feel  about their bodies. 

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  Back to Class

I entered university as a mature student with a husband and two young children. Needless to say, it was very difficult balancing family and school. So I thought it was important to shed light on the challenges faced by mature students in university. “Back to Class” highlights the ups and downs of the mature student experience.

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  Portrait of a Mature Student

Feature writing is made up of two elements that I find irresistible: a good narrative and real life characters. In feature writing, choosing a topic or issue that interests you is a sure-fire motivator.  I love to explore the human condition: what is it that makes us tick?

The best part about writing this piece was that Tony, the subject of the piece, was so eager and so easy to talk to that all I had to do was sit and listen.  What did he have to say about his experience? Have a read and find out.

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